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You can find the public key for  on a public key server like Kleopatra or here. You will need to install a client to use PGP on your computer. For more information on secure mail, read this.

Contact me via Signal, Telegram or Silent Circle

Signal is a free app for making phone calls and sending messages with text, photos or video. Its servers never access your data or store it. You can also set up Signal to delete messages after a certain period of time. Download Signal from the Apple Store or Google Play. For more information, read this.

Telegram is a free, encrypted messaging app. You can set it up to make messages disappear after they’ve been sent. Download Telegram from the Apple Store or Google Play. For more information, read this.

The Silent Phone app facilitates encrypted calls on Android and iOS devices, but it’s not free. For more information, read this.

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Contact me via the AP SecureDrop

SecureDrop offers greater security than email. AP’s SecureDrop is accessible only using the Tor network, a browser designed for security and privacy that you can download for free. For instructions on how to send a message via AP’s SecureDrop, read this.

Postal Mail

Old-fashioned, but safe. 

Westgate Plaza, Suite 1902B
1038 W. Nanjing Road
Shanghai, 200041 CHINA
Tel +86 -21 6218-0707
Fax +86-216218-3450

Tel +86 -21 6218-0707
Fax +86-216218-3450


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